Saturday, March 7, 2009

Portrait of an Architect

Laura was commissioned to do a portrait of a retired architect for his birthday. Laura had just over a fortnight to do the painting in time for the birthday celebration, and varnishing took place on the day before the event! Instead of attempting a "likeness" in the usual way, Laura has made up an image of the person, by depicting tools of their trade, and items that express their interests. The painting was in acrylic on MDF board and measured approximately one metre (39 inches) high.
A small selection of paintings by Laura Gregory

Harlequin Queen (2001) sold

Harlequin Musician (2001) Sold

Moon Fish Musician (2002) sold

Lady With Lute (2002) sold

Queen Of Stitch (2002) commissioned

Kandinsky's Drummer (2003) sold

Jingling Johnnie (2003) sold

Man with recorder and red toadstool (2003) sold