Sunday, April 12, 2009

Working in the Studio

Laura has nearly completed another painting.

Paintings take time, but this one is looking nice!

The framed painting on the wall behind is "Hope Springs Eternal" that was completed around September or October of last year. Most of Laura's paintings are displayed unframed, but this one seemed to suit it.


  1. Hope Springs Eternal is beautiful! It looks like you have a nice studio. Do you paint flat on the table or do you set the board up on an easel?
    Happy Easter to you and Peter! (I am a little late due to the time change)

  2. Thank-you Jewels for your comments. I love our old Post Office, and my current studio. Our place is somewhat of a moveable feast, our respective studios have moved around the building depending on our needs. The domestic side is rather secondary and that shifts too, although we fantasise about a so called normal house sometimes, the feeling of being in a perpetual student flat does wear a little thin .However we love what we do, and if Peter can't sleep at least he can go throw a pot at 3am. The view is through the arch to what I euphemistically call my Library, only half of it is storage for artwork and pottery, in and on the old Post Office counter. I paint flat on the table. I came at acrylics from watercolours, and tended to use the acrylics more in a watercolour fashion to start with, hence working flat on the table.Things are evolving. Thanks for the Easter greetings, hope you had a nice Easter.

  3. Dear Laura,
    Your work Never ceases to amaze me! I love it; I love you too come to that!
    Each creation is sooo original, but has that unique 'Laura' flavour.
    It's come a long way since you were doing those delightful teddy bears!
    I would write more if I could understand more... but "I'm a bear of little brain..."
    [Did I hear a voice say "Pooh"?]

  4. Laura,
    I love your paintings, especialy "Moon fish musician", because he is so nice and I love how the form and content form a table built and very poetic. He makes me think about Paul Klee.................

    Best wishes

  5. I could look at each of your paintings for hours Laura, they are bewitchingly beautiful! x cousin Jane and Mitsy (prrr, yawn)


A small selection of paintings by Laura Gregory

Harlequin Queen (2001) sold

Harlequin Musician (2001) Sold

Moon Fish Musician (2002) sold

Lady With Lute (2002) sold

Queen Of Stitch (2002) commissioned

Kandinsky's Drummer (2003) sold

Jingling Johnnie (2003) sold

Man with recorder and red toadstool (2003) sold